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In the fifth iteration of UNDead in the Water, a mysterious female apparition and her possessed cult threaten passengers across 60,000 square feet of cavernous cargo holds and open-air decks.

Flesh of the fallen adorn the bulkheads and passageways as you make your way through the forsaken vessel.

Of the crew that survived, some have entered into the ranks of The Gathering, while the remaining are on the run from her cult, their screams and moans echoing throughout the bellows of the ship.

Will you be chosen for sacrifice? Or will you join the ranks of The Gathering?

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“Even the most high-budget theme park haunts have reason to be jealous of UNDead in the Water’s unique location. ”

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"It’s hard for me to get scared, however, the setting and the atmosphere was really well thought out and placed."

~ Kelsey

authentic nautical haunted attraction
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