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Just one year ago, the American Victory Ship was embroiled in terror - missing crew members, unearthly screams, and the unrelenting whispers of The Gathering, a cult formed to bring forth the spirit of the ship into our living realm.


But those are just rumors, right?


For the past year, most citizens have considered it to be abandoned. Some have reported hearing faint chanting noises in the distance. But it's all just a rumor, there's no such thing as ghosts and spirits, and there's definitely not a cult. Right?


Seeking their moment of viral fame, an unsuspecting group of explorers climbed aboard to take a look. The whispers grew louder. Complete disorientation settled in. They are dismayed to uncover the remaining members of The Gathering, who have stayed there silently in wait, bringing forth the spirit of the ship. They exist to worship Her and eliminate any resistance in their path. 


The Gathering succeeded. She is here. The Breach has been opened. But something else has followed Her out - a spirit even more dangerous. Something She is afraid of. 

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“Even the most high-budget theme park haunts have reason to be jealous of UNDead in the Water’s unique location. ”

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"It’s hard for me to get scared, however, the setting and the atmosphere was really well thought out and placed."

~ Kelsey

authentic nautical haunted attraction
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