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“There is simply nothing that can compare to the authenticity...”

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“...well worth the ticket price.”

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After completing her final rescue mission, the American Victory Ship was recommissioned and reassigned as a floating research center and hospital whose sole purpose was to find a cure for the spreading zombie contagion. Under the protection of the Ripper Squad, Dr. Simon Krolech and his rag tag team of researchers were to use the meager resources available to them to develop a vaccine to prevent zombie proliferation. They captured living zombies and collected the remains of those killed by the infected horde. The work wasn't easy and the accommodations were not ideal, but they were making progress. 

Fast forward to 2020 - Dr. Krolech has disappeared. It is rumored that he and his team had finally developed a cure, but it has vanished as well. It is becoming more and more difficult to defend the research facility. Zombies continue to find their way onto the ship from shore, and the containment of elemental compounds of captured zombies is beginning to fail. The situation looks dismal. The decision has been made to scuttle the ship, and fires are ablaze. The research team is still trying to gather the last bits of research, the zombies on board are escaping their containment, and the ship is taking on water. The only hope would be to find Dr. Krolech and the cure. 

Time is ticking and the end is near.

Survive the chaos of the uncontrolled zombies as the ship struggles to stay afloat!